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I help driven companies build better performing products which are meaningful and beautifully connected to the future of their business.

My name is Cary Da Costa, brand designer, aka Canadian 'Duke of Hobo', living in the Dutch lowlands working for local & global brands. I began my career early as a fanatic graphic designer & art director moving swiftly into identity design & experience design for digital technology.

My trusted approach is multidisciplinary altogether. I hold onto the roots of my knowledge of art, graphic design & print when developing new creative ideas. I go for authentic experiences that matter, nothing middle-of-the-road. I believe in custom-fitting creativity for any platform, and I prefer to blend graphic design & identity together based on a true story.

Demandingly, I build solutions to believe in, and help brands stay relevant in a world gone digital. I'm constantly raising the bar— rethinking everything, a maximalist for winning results and fearless of change.

Until now, my creative journey has led me here with +15 years of experience working for exciting local & global brands like PHILIPS, UBER, the Walt Disney Company, the City of Rotterdam & The World Health Organization.

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  • Vision

    • Making brands beautiful_
    • Building better products_
    • Basing Identity on a true story_
    • Going for experiences that matter_
    • Custom fitting creativity_
    • Blending design & Identity_
    • Satisfying curiosities_
    • Working harder_
  • How I see it

    • I see what I like_
    • Fearless of change_
    • Not into payoffs_
    • Avoid the overpromising_
    • Enjoy the joy of listening_
    • Build solutions to believe in_
    • Upgrade the toolbox_
    • After awhile, doing becomes knowing_
  • Services

    • Brand & identity_
    • Strategy_
    • Art direction_
    • Graphic design_
    • Print_
    • Packaging_
    • Advertising & campaigns_
    • Copywriting & naming_
    • User experience & interface design_
    • Social media design_
  • What I offer

    • Activating brands_
    • Growing digital futures_
    • Boosting awareness_
    • Enhancing performance_
    • Building a strategy that works_
    • Deploying a plan of action_
    • Scaling the brand system_
    • No nonesense approach_
    • Producing winning results_
    • Delivering finished buisness_